How I Became a Famous Photographer

How It All Started

With the little money I was able to save for myself, I managed to buy my very first iPhone. It was an iPhone 3GS back in 2009 when it was still the coolest thing that came out in the market. I took photos here and there and uploaded them to Facebook and Instagram. Slowly but surely, my family and friends began telling me that I had a gift of taking great photos. I saw the opportunity there and decided to invest on a cheap pre-loved DSLR camera.

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How to Step Up Your Game as an Amateur Photographer

Everybody starts from scratch. At one point, all of us are considered beginners. The best photographers of today had to learn what they do through time, effort and determination. Their success and knowledge didn’t come in an instant. There was a time in the life of a professional photographer when he hasn’t held a camera yet. So if you’re a beginner or an amateur and you want to become an expert in photography, know that you have equal chance to gain success in this field. If you need a little push or some help in stepping up your game as a beginner on your way to becoming an expert, read on and hopefully you can pick up some valuable lessons from our pieces of advice.

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7 Simple Photography Tips for Beginners

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A decade ago, only a chosen few owned professional cameras and they were called photographers. With the price of DSLR’s and other powerful high-performance cameras now made quite affordable for the average individual, many have tried their hands on photography. If you are one of them who are just starting to learn this craft, you must know by now that it’s not just a matter of pointing your camera at something or someone then clicking to take a photo. Everybody starts out as a beginner but not everyone ends up being a professional. If you want to become a great photographer, you should take this seriously. Photography is an art. Coming up with great photos is a talent you may be born with. Otherwise, you can study and work hard in order for you to deserve the “photographer” title.

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